Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Before: Kitchen

Not two hours after I posted my second post about losing the card reader, I found it. [In those two hours, I watched Chuck and chose a school play for my school, in case you're curious]

But, without further adieu, the kitchen as it was before I busted out 3 gallons of paint [I'm not so good with the decisions] I stood in each corner and snapped, and also grabbed a shot of my pathetic stove set-up. I'm lucky to have the size kitchen I do in my 60 year-old house, but my stove set-up is seriously lacking in efficiency.
Our house was a flip, which I've mentioned before, but I do not understand why they thought grey [gray?] would be an awesome choice in the largely tan and maple kitchen. It grosses me out, if you want the truth... The red teakettle on the stove was the first gift my now-husband gave me, for our first Christmas as a couple. It's nice, and I use it, but it wasn't very romantic, ah, well, if I wanted romance, I would have married John Cusack. Not really, because I'm pretty sure he's my mom's age, but whatever. I love my Hubs.
My awesome mother-in-law made the curtains, the weekend we moved in. I still need some sort of coverings for the other kitchen windows, but I love the light they let in, so I haven't come up with anything yet.
This room was originally a tiny kitchen and a three-season porch (or so our inspector says) so we have a load-bearing thingy [official term] in the middle of the room. Because of this, there are three separate lights in the room. The ceiling fan, the hanging pendants, and a thankfully-hidden monstrosity born in the early 80's that you can't see in any of the pics. Long-term, one of my kitchen goals is to make all the lighting and hardware in the kitchen match. White ceiling fan, stainless pendants, ivory plastic light and ORB [oil-rubbed bronze] cabinet hardware just don't scream "unity" to me.
The sad little stove set-up. Without the two trolleys, it's a very pathetic island of a stove [but it cooks a 22-pound stuffed turkey in under three hours!]. My goal is to unify the trolleys a bit more with the cabinets.

So here's the project list:
paint both trolleys [black eggshell, courtesy of Glidden this summer on the free promotion]
paint the kitchen island to match the trolleys
paint the walls [colors are Behr Tropical Tide and Behr Sand Pearl]
shorten and paint the barstools, so they're actually functional
paint open shelving
hang the open shelving over the stove and trolleys
find a sideboard or buffet! [we still have serving dishes in boxes on the floor in places]
hang LACK shelf over the buffet
find some artwork to liven the space up
find space for the items currently living on top of the cabinets

Not a small undertaking, right? I make no promises about a date of completion, especially with me starting a new licensure course and directing the school play, but I'm excited to see how things shake out.

I'm definitely excited about the potential to have a logically working kitchen!


  1. I really like the trolleys that you have on either side of the stove! Did you make them yourself? If not, where did you get them?

  2. I have an awesome piece of art for my kitchen, I just need to frame it and find a place to hang it.

  3. katy, they are both actually from my in-laws. The one with the drawer is from my sister-in-;aws garage, and the other is, my sister-in-laws, ex-boyfriends (two boyfriends prior to her husband). I think it just came from IKEA though. Yep, it's this one: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70011793

    They have both now been painted, too. So one thing down!

  4. You know, the "before" isn't half bad so I can't wait to see how good the "after" will look!



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