Sunday, January 10, 2010

basement: nearly finished before and afters!

Over my Christmas break, I spent the majority of time laying on the couch in the basement, trying not to cough. I did, however find some time to finish the majority of the basement redecoration. We started with the basement, because of the television, and though it was a spur of the moment decision, I'm glad we made the changes.

The befores:
And the afters. The pictures on the wall are croo-ked, and it drives my husband crazy. (me too, but I kind of like leaving it just to bug him)The dog has a hard time staying out of photos around here. She's kind of everywhere. The bricks took forever to paint, lucky for me, Hubs did most of the work on those, while I did touch ups on the rest. And I built the shelves, so I'm ok with making him do most of the work on the bricks. We had a hard time deciding what to do with the wood paneled wall. It's not as orange in real life as it is in these pictures (the pics are all without flash), there was talk of sanding and staining the whole wall a darker color, but in the end, that would have been more work than either of us was willing to undergo, so we just painted the cabinet black and added new pulls. It puts enough contrast in the wall to pop it out and make it more interesting. Overall, we're really happy, and now we love spending time down there. Still a couple things to do, we want to get a fridge for the space next to the cabinet, and make some throw pillows, but it's entirely liveable and a fun space to be in now.


  1. I really like the blue on the bricks, and your shelves came out really well :-)



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