Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why we started with the basement.

When people move into a new home, I'm guessing the basement is not usually the first room on the "redecorate me now" agenda. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms usually all come before the basement, or family room, so why did we decide to start our decorating and making our house ours in that room?

Clearly, there's work to be done here:

 I particularly like the bobbleheads in the window.
Like I said. Clearly, work to be done. I just don't think most people start on the bottom.

Well, it all started last Tuesday, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

N and I were hosting our first family gathering, Thanksgiving. When we moved into our house, we discovered that our current dining room table was too big for anywhere in our house. So we sold it, and bought a smaller number at IKEA. Because of this, there was no way everyone was going to fit at the small table for Thanksgiving dinner. So my parents offered us the use of a table from their garage, a "church table" as my mother called it with a faux-wood top accented by several colors of paint drippings.

So I decided we needed a tablecloth to class up the joint a little. Off to Target we went.

Somewhere between turkey roasters and table cloths, we decided we needed a new television. Not one to just jump into a purchase, N decided we needed to shop around at more shops than just Target alone. So we checked out of Target (yes, we remembered the tablecloth) and checked out Sam's Club. No great deals there, so it was off to Best Buy to check things out.

An hour, a load of money, and two different cars later, we lugged a 42in flat panel LED-LCD into the house.

Fast-forward to Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Trying to decide how to spend our weekend, N and I were making a list of tasks to accomplish, among them, hanging the TV on the wall.

Well of course, I couldn't hang the TV without painting the walls, because then we'd just have to take the TV down to paint it, and we would be painting it. So, we decided it would happen.

And that, is why we decided to start at the bottom.

the pics are the "befores"


  1. I really need to get over to St. Paul to see you guys in your new house...



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