Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten, plus or minus

Where were you ten years ago? What's happened since then? What's next?

The most significant events, one per year:

2000 - We all didn't die when the year changed from 99 to 00.

2001 - 9/11, where were you? I was in the shower, my roommates pulled me out just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower.

2002 - The best.summer.job.ever. working in my student union with Toni, Charmaine and Mandy.

2003 - I graduated college, the first in my family since my Grandfather. (My aunt went to nursing school)

2004 - brought us Batgirl, and my life would never be the same.

2005 - I started dating my husband. He wasn't hubs then, just N, the friend, despite conspiracy theories galore, we really were just friends first.

2006 - I decided to go back to school to get my teaching license.

2007 - Got engaged, other stuff happened too, but that was most memorable.

2008 - Got married. Hard to be more memorable than that. I love marriage.

2009 - Bought a house! My first house ever, having grown up in apartments and townhomes all my life, I finally have my own walls!

What's next? I can't imagine where I'll be in ten years, or what will happen during those ten years. I hope it will still find me here, in my house that I love, hopefully with some more friends, a dog (hopefully the same one), maybe a child? (I really don't know about that) Still married, employed, tenured, (closer to home), and happy.

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  1. 2000 - I met my future wife.

    2001 - I was sleeping (I worked until 2 AM at that time) and my mother called me to tell me to turn on the TV to see the destruction.

    2002 - I moved to Minnesota.

    2003 - My future wife joined me in Minnesota for a short time.

    2004 - My future wife joined me in Minnesota for good, we got engaged and bought a house and a dog.

    2005 - We got married.

    2006 - I got a new job.

    2007 - I lost 100 lbs.

    2008 - I got a new job and gained 25 lbs back.

    2009 - We found out we're having a baby, I went back to school, and man it's been a long ten years.



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