Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas. The love, the joy, the giving (and receiving, without which there would be no giving).

One thing I've been looking forward to in our house is decorating our beautiful fireplace.

Being our first year in our house, we don't/didn't have a lot of Christmas/Holiday decorations. We had the tree from last year, a kind soul gave us his tree after his wife deemed their future Christmases to always have a real tree. The stockings are new this year from Pottery Barn, complete with an elfin sock for the dog. Overboard on the dog? Perhaps, but we don't have kids, so eh.

Someday I will master photographing Christmas lights and you will all oooo and aaaah at my wonderful Christmas photos.

Until then, you get grainy goodness. But hey. At least White Christmas is on the TV.


  1. It looks Beautiful! I love Kirby's stocking!

  2. Beware the danger of stockings. At least that was the teaser on the local news the other night. Apparently, Christmas stockings are evil now too.

  3. Just don't let Zeke near the tree...

  4. Your house looks really nice all decked out!



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