Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Building your own faux built-in shelves | DIY

I built my own built-ins.

I am so, so proud of myself. Aren't they pretty? (Also, how awesome is my blue brick?)

Never having built anything outside of 8th grade industrial tech, I'm not sure what possessed me to think I could build shelves from scratch, but I couldn't find the right sized shelves to hang on the wall by our TV, so if I wanted them, I'd have to build them.

So, the day after Christmas, Hubs and I hit the gym, then returned some things at Target, and I decided that, on our way home, we should stop at Menard's and buy some 1x8s for me to use to build the shelves. (Having talked to my contracter brother-in-law, he set me up with the wood sizes I would need) Thrice-checked measurements in hand, off to the lumber yard we went.

We had Menard's cut the wood for us, which saved me oodles of time since we don't have a power saw of any kind, and the thought of hand-sawing all the shelves was overwhelming.

Arriving home, I gathered everything up:
Neatly stacked boards

Wood glue and screws
I marked the boards top and bottom, as well as front and back, so when I measured for the screw holes things lined up nicely.
Measure where you want the shelves to go, and draw a line for drilling.

Don't forget to sand down the knots in the wood, so they are nice and smooth... Measure where the screw holes will go, and drill. Do the same for the end of the shelf boards. This is where it is important to measure from the same side (ie: front or back) so the screw holes line up when you go to attach the shelving together. (Think IKEA here, it worked for me)Paint!

Hang on wall. Because of the brick wall below our television this was easy for me, I merely set the shelves on the brick and attached them to the wall using heavy-duty 3m command strips. Dress, arrange, shelve, whatever you want to call it, put your things up, and enjoy!
I still can't quite believe I accomplished this with no training, just a tape measure, drill, screwdriver and a paint roller. In the end, not only did I get the perfect sized shelves, (that I could not find for sale anywhere), but I saved oodles of money. Because I had the paint already, free from Glidden when they did a promotion this summer, the grand total for all materials, including cutting was $45.47, not bad, considering purchased shelves would have been that for one side, had I found them, and custom-built shelves would have been beyond even that.

This being the first major project I/we've undertaken, I'm thrilled with the success.

Eee! I am so excited!


  1. Impressive! I like the pictures step-by-step, too...that'll help me when I get around to building. :)

  2. That's very impressive! Nice work!



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