Monday, December 21, 2009

Can you really call it a vacation?

As a teacher, I'm off work from Thursday until January 4th. My plans include some school district mapping, in the hopes next year brings me a job closer to home, and finishing up the basement.

Do you get to call it a vacation if all you do is stay home and work on your house?

Finishing up the basement means that I have to decide what to do with this wall:

I'm thinking it will be stained a bit darker, I just want to get rid of some of the orangey color which doesn't match our style at all. Someone suggested a cherry color, and I had been thinking a darker color, to bring it more in line with our current wood colors in the basement.

I also get to build shelves! I'm going to add some shelving to either side of our television mounted on the wall, one, to make it look more built-in and two, because we desperately need something to go there, and I just don't think that art will work. Plus, it will help us hide cords.

Also on the basement agenda:
filling in the gaps in the chair rail with painter's caulk
moving the stereo upstairs
making some throw pillows for the couch (if I can convince a sewer to come over with a sewing machine)
drilling some holes in the walls to move the cords into the closet behind it
exchange our hd cords for a single hdmi cord on the cable box.

Now doesn't that sound like a fabulous way to spend my Christmas break?

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