Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before and After: Storage!

I promise that I actually did tackle the storage area on the day of my last blog post. It's just that it has been a long, strange week!

After the news of my grandfather, we had a massive snowstorm on Wednesday here in Minnesota, and I had a snow day! It was delicious, my dog, Kirby Jo, convinced me to sleep most of the day away. She's very persuasive. Then it was back to work on Thursday. My mom sent me an email on Thursday to tell me that she'd been in a car accident with a snow plow. She's fine, but it was the straw that broke the back, as it were.

So I didn't get a chance to update on here and show off my fabulously beautiful storage areas. Our house is an older bungalow (1950) and we're very lucky that we have storage around every corner. When we moved in, and we didn't know where to put something, it went in the basement storage areas. So, it kind of became a pile of stuff-we-don't-know-where-else-to-put:

So, last Monday, I decided I would burn off some of the energy I had from adrenaline-grieving, and organize the space. We had bought some plastic storage shelves and after assembling those, and cleaning up a bit, here is what I was left with:

That would be Kirby in the foreground, she's never sat so well for a picture! As you can see, there's lots of room for more storage down here. We cannot complain about space in our house, we still have two HUGE crawlspaces in the attic we haven't even begun to fill!

We are lucky people.

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  1. Very nice! It seems like whenever I go to get something out of my storage space in the basement, I wind up playing Tetris trying to get everything back in there just right so that I can fit my bike in the space again.



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